TANTEO // Tom Winter // Luca George // Hamish MacPherson // Anna Danielewicz // Erina Kawachi // Jess Bryant //
July 4, 2015
 to July 5, 2015

Free & open to all

In 2015 MilesKm has created a touring Art School, moving around the UK, challenging the concept of the classroom, the roles of the student and teacher, and experimenting with different learning structures.


TANTEO aims create space for learning and knowledge sharing, a radical environment to stimulate creativity and the potential political power of art. An approach to education, a tanteo, (an approximation). The project is both an investigation into the nature of arts education and the role of collaboration in learning. An endeavor to force the limits of what constitutes a “School of Art”.


This weekend Mileskm will be holding two days of workshops open to the public. The workshops will take multiple formats and will be a diverse collection of attempt to navigate knowledge production and mapping. The workshops have been created with a wide ranging audience in mind, so should be accessible to all that would like to attend.



11am – Tom Winter (one of Turf’s co-directors) – An introduction to the architecture of Croydon and London, an opportuntiy to explore the the history of the area and to discuss the future of the area.


1pm – LUNCH, please feel free to join us for a basic lunch, cup of tea or more appropriatly a glass of water.


3pm – MilesKm – We will be discussing the online life of the Tanteo project. What do we want the space to be for? Who is it for? How does it connect to the ongoing documentation research project that is being undertaken by Rowan De Freitas.


4:15pm – Luca George – ‘Artist Talk’, a performance based on the very notion of its act. Lying somewhere between performance, mixtape and lecture, ‘Artistic Talk’ is a one off event.


6 – 10pm – ‘It used to be Talent’, A night of live acts, ‘It used to be Talent’ is the fourth in a series of bi-monthly event of moving image/live art/music by Watts Talent. Produced by Demelza Watts.



11am – Hamish MacPherson – Ouija Parliament is a score or practice whereby a group of people use various materials to produce – without planning – a physical environment. Everyone is autonomous, no one leads, everyone is in the scene and the scene is the composite of all efforts. A form of collective improvisation with props.


1pm – LUNCH, please feel free to join us for a basic lunch, cup of tea or more appropriatly a glass of water.


1:30pm – Anna Danielewicz – An opportunity to play a version of a game that fits into a series of events that looks at the socioeconomic conditions which make art practice possible.


3:30pm – Erina Kawachi – An exploration into how we understand our body within its context and how we connect to our internal self through movement. A movement based workshop, all abilities welcome.


4:30pm – Jess Bryant – Throughout the day Jess Bryant will be inviting the Tanteo participants and all visitors to Turf to rename the spaces and objects within the gallery. At the end of the day all are welcome to join us to reflect on this process, to explore what has been retitled, to question to see what has changed and to ask how this process might develop in the coming weeks whilst Mileskm tour around the country visiting other art spaces.



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a large group of the TURF staff standing outside of the old turf building

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