Window Box Residency: Flora Hunt

Flora Hunt
December 17, 2022
 to May 19, 2023
Turf, 46-47 Trinity Court, Whitgift Centre, Croydon CR01UQ

Free & open to all


Window Box is a residency showcasing work by the Turf Studio Artists. Situated in the Ground Floor window to the right side of the main entrance to Turf, the residency provides an exhibition viewable to passersby in the Whitgift Centre, both inside and outside of Turf’s Opening Hours.

Flora Hunt works across sculpture, writing and sound to explore the relationship between interior experience and the outside world. Narratives in the work return to themes of the (super)natural and the weird, mining hallucinatory experiences, interactions with public space, and inter-species entanglements, to seek out slippages and perforations in this boundary. Recent shows include I Should Coco at Staffordshire Street, London (2022); Dancing in the Gamma Garden, Gallery No.32, Bexley (2021); FUN!, Curated by GRAFT, Lancaster, (2019); Recipes for Disaster, Leighton House, London (2019) and Draw out the figure that you will make, EMBASSY, Edinburgh (2018). 

Instagram – flora.hunt