Fungus Press Residency: ‘Visions and Tales of Hopes and Fears’

by VIA (Visually Impaired Artist Collective)
April 6, 2023
 to May 23, 2023
@ sites around Croydon: Park Hill Park, Wandle Park & Reeves Corner

Free & open to all

For this edition of Fungus Press, the members of VIA (Visually Impaired Artists) have come together to produce a creative representation of feelings and thoughts about the pasts, presents, and futures of Croydon. The topics and feelings explored through the making of these posters range from:

  • Nostalgia of the past and feelings of longing for the beautiful, active, creative Croydon of the past.
  • Paying tribute to unchanged/untouched spaces that exist, and examining the tension between a lack of space and an abundance of new places being built.
  • Hopelessness for the future, feelings of despair, through imagining the dystopian futures ahead of us.



VIA wants to use creativity and fantasy about the past and future of Croydon to express very present fears and hopes about our everyday spaces.


Find the posters with our printable map or our google maps route below;


VIA (Visually Impaired Artists) is a collective of people coming together to create their own art side by side. They have been meeting at Turf Projects since 2022.

This project features work from Hugh, Masha, and the Kosmic Joker, as well as a collaboration between VIA and Art Press. Kosmic Joker is an artist who uses a variety of mediums from photography and filming to drawing and electronic music. His preferred art is a combination of poster art and 60s psychedelic art. He also like art that has to do with magic, demons, Egyptian mythology and psychedelic music. Kosmic Joker had to find ways to keep on doing art with changing eyesight. “For me, Art is at its best when it comes from inside your head, not trying to copy things we see but purely using imagination.” Hugh’s wife Jenny is an artist, but he started drawing and painting after retirement as a hobby. Hugh likes his art to tell a story and leave a sense of intrigue; he creates pictures that make you ask questions about what’s going on, pictures with action or a bit of humour. Masha keeps herself busy by facilitating the group and supporting them in their artistic journeys. With thanks to Bori Hardi and Rosie Crane Eckmire.

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