Fungus Press Residency: ‘feeling/folding the tributary’

Ruby Reding
September 25, 2023
 to December 31, 2023
@ sites around Croydon: Park Hill Park, Wandle Park & Reeves Corner

Free & open to all

‘feeling/folding the tributary’ is a series of collages created from photographs of local government archives associated with the river Wandle, including pollution and flooding issues, from the 18th Century to the present day. The works also include details from Enclosure Acts, which privatised land in the UK, expelling people from their homes across Croydon in the 19th Century. These archives are woven with stills from recent films and iPhone photographs from the artist’s personal life, including small moments and hiking trips walking through different privatised lands.

Drawing on forms of ordnance survey maps, post it notes in archival processes and the tracings of material scanned, the collages map the awkward progressions between analogue and digital research. Including the partial presence of loved ones and inchoate fragments of bodies reinvigorates the cold and bureaucratic archives of pollution and land management that mask government inefficiency. The works also employ text used in film scripts, archives, dictionary definitions and everyday digital communication, playing with the connective tissues of language as it is variably cold and warm, close and far, tucked away in folders, typed or handwritten.


Find the posters with our printable map or our google maps route below;

two black and white photographs of people situated around buildings. on the left "5868 - order of exchange" is written

Ruby Reding

Ruby Reding is an artist based in Rotterdam and London. Her works span moving image, installation and text, inhabiting a diagram that links the histories of land enclosures, bodies of water, knowledge production, slanted language and escapist journeys. Using minor and major technologies such as iPhones or GoPros alongside cinematic images, her films conjure the language of the every day and the journeys we take to leave our homes, often depicting friends and loved ones as desiring subjects. Recent projects include an Arts Council funded residency at Snehtain Athens, Greece and presentation at Turf’s Project Space. The forthcoming book ‘kist’é features poems, artist writing and research on river ecologies in Athens and Croydon, and is designed and published by Varv Varv. Ruby was a participant of Conditions Studio Programme in Croydon (2021–2022) and is currently studying an MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

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