Business As Usual

Work by a group of over 100 artists
July 10, 2015
 to July 30, 2015

Free & open to all

Exhibition open 10th – 30th July

Marketing and Networking are often thought to be dirty practises within certain areas of the arts. With many believing commercial success is akin to selling out and a lack of conceptual rigour, in that an artists practise having been compromised due to being solely focused on monetary gain or fame. The romantic notion of the poor artist slaving away in the garret is still applicable today, poverty and struggle equating to realness and sincerity.


Taking the conceptual bearing of the business card as an art object, and that artists marketing themselves is an necessary almost performatory element of their practises, ‘Business As Usual’ will consider the role and significance of artists networking. The exhibition will also ask how much importance dealers, collectors, curators and gallerists play in determining success, or whether artists themselves are solely or collectively responsible for carving out their own futures. In an age where curators now procure artists from social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, ‘Business As Usual’ also presents an archaic practise in an increasingly digital world.


The exhibition will feature the work of over one hundred artists. This second exhibition in a series of the shows, ‘Business As Usual’ will continue to travel around different galleries across the UK.


Pio Abad
Zoe Anspach
Siobhan Barr
Paul Barsch
Amalie Jakobsen & Hedvig Berglind
Emilia Bergmark
Richard Bevan
Gabriel Birch
Eloïse Bonneviot
Holly Brearley
Tavienne Bridgwater
Stacey Broadbent
Michael Burkitt
Melissa Burn
Richard J. Butler
Paul Carter
Seecum Cheung
Melanie Coles
Philip Coyne
Kitty Clark
Issac Clarke
Lenka Clayton
Pierre Clément
Noel Clueit
Matthew Crawley
Michael Crowe
Simon Davenport
Debora Delmar Corp.
Daniel Eatock
Matt Endler
Tom Esam
Julia Crabtree & William Evans
Soraya Fatha
Alex Farrar
Sara Nunes Fernandes
Jack Fisher
Pennicott + Fleming
Alex Frost
Robert Fung
Kyle Galloway
Ryan Gander
Emilie Gervais
Lauren Godfrey
Oscar Godfrey
Matt Golden
Maria Gondek
A.M. Hanson
Holly Hendry
Oliver Hickmet
James Howard
Sascha Hundorff
The Hut Project
Nikolai Ishchuk
Ian Jackson
Oskar Jakobsen
Mat Jenner
Perce Jerrom
Jonny JJ Winter
Gareth Owen Lloyd & Phillip Raiford Johnson
Francis Lloyd-Jones
Sophie Jung
Jake Kent
Sam Keogh
Pil & Galia Kollectiv
Natalia Ibáñez Lario
Hannah Lees
Joseph Legg
Rollin Leonard
Jonas Lund
Chooc Ly Tan
Jocelyn Mcgregor
David Mcleavy
Harry Meadley
Sarah Meyohas
Matthew Merrick

Luis Mondejar
Virginia Lee Montgomery
Raque Ford & Sophy Naess
Myles Painter
Mathew Parkin
Berry Patten
Nicolas Pelzer
Joseph Popper
Claire Poulter
Michael Pybus
Oliver Rafferty
Oscar Ramos
Chris Rawcliffe
Anna Reading
Gabriel Rosas Alemán
Shirin Sabahi
Rebecca Sangster
Paul Schneider
Sarah Schönfeld
Anastasia Shin
Karl Sims
Alex Studdy
David Steans
Alfie Strong
Ian Swanson
Dan Szor
Charlie Godet Thomas
Geoff Tibbs
Viktor Timofeev
Adam Townend
Matt Welch
Josh Whitaker
Harlan Whittingham
Ian Whittlesea

Gwyn Williams
Mark Scott-Wood
Lucy Woodhouse
Laura Yuile
Rehana Zaman
Bruno Zhu


The exhibition has been organised by Perce Jerrom.


A text written by Louise Chignac will accompanies the exhibition


The exhibition will include a programme of educational events, workshops & talks. For more information on these please enquire at the gallery, visit our website or send us an email.


Turf Projects would like to thank Mayor of London & Centrale Shopping Centre Croydon for their kind support.


@Turf_Projects #BusinessAsUsual