Letters: 'Frivolous Convulsions', Vanessa Mitter & Ben Westley Clarke

Vanessa Mitter & Ben Westley Clarke have kindly donated the full proceeds of this signage to Turf. 100% of your purchase will go back into supporting Turf’s programme, collectives and future.

Exhibition signage lettering from Vanessa Mitter & Ben Westley Clarke’s  ‘Frivolous Convulsions’ in 2018

‘Frivolous Convulsions‘ was a group exhibition of 12 painters and performers colliding carnivalesque and celebratory renditions of modern life.

Made of Steel, enamel paint.

Approx size of lettering 250 x 170 mm, punctuation not included.

Get in touch at info@turf-projects for specific measurements



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( Jan 2018 )