Letters: ‘Croydon Plays Itself’, Harold Offeh

Exhibition signage letters from Harold Offeh’s ‘Croydon Plays Itself’ in 2019. These lasercut acrylic letters made up the signage for the exhibition. They look great mounted on the wall to spell out a household’s initials!

Croydon Plays Itself‘ drew on retail aesthetics to explore aspects of Croydon’s past and present histories, responding to objects from the Museum of Croydon’s collections.

Made of mirrored acrylic.

Approx size of each letter 230 x 230 mm, punctuation not included. Get in touch at info@turf-projects for specific measurements

Harold Offeh has kindly donated the full proceeds of this signage to Turf. 100% of your purchase will go back into supporting Turf’s programme, collectives and future.

Original price was: £35.00.Current price is: £10.00.

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