Limited Edition Print: 'Help holding the pain cup', Jesse Darling

Turf friend and artist of solo show ‘The Ballad of Saint Jerome’ at Tate Britain has produced a drawing, printed in-house on textured off-white paper. Much of Jesse’s recent work has explored vulnerability and disability experience and their inextricable links to social and political contexts.

👉 Limited edition of 30

👉 Hand-stamped and signed on reverse by the artist.

👉 Measurements 298 x 420mm

👉 Printed by Turf! We digitally printed this edition in-house at Turf on Fabriano 225gsm acid free paper. It’s slightly textured, like a watercolour paper.

👉 This edition had been kindly donated by Jesse Darling; 100% of the proceeds of sales go to Turf.