Limited Edition Print: ‘A Font Made from the Silhouettes of Migratory Birds’, Chris Alton

Chris is an artist and the founder of English Disco Lovers (EDL). He is also Head of Public Realm Projects at Turf. Chris’ edition features his own handmade font, Seasonal Movement, digitally printed on blue cloud effect 215gsm card. 

Seasonal Movement (Regular) is a typeface based on the silhouettes of migratory birds, including the; Red Knot, Greater Flamingo, Hummingbird, Artic Tern, and Bar Tailed Godwit, amongst others. Chris thinks that there is a generative friction between creating Latin glyphs for written language based on the forms of a migratory species. The diverse languages spoken today are undeniably products of human migration, however language has also been instrumentalised in the formation of nations and the stoking of nationalism.

👉 Limited edition of 30

👉 Hand-stamped and signed on reverse by the artist.

👉 Printed by Turf! We digitally printed this edition in-house at Turf on blue cloud effect 215gsm card.

👉 Measurements 298 x 420mm

👉 The proceeds of sales of this edition are split between Turf & the artist.

Original price was: £50.00.Current price is: £25.00.

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