a photograph of five people with backs turned to the camera. each is wearing a football kit and a bib made out of hessian material

Wandle Fortnight Cultural Field Fungus Press Walking Tour

Join us for a Walking Tour of the Fungus Press billboards, led by project curator Jessie Krish; programmed as part of Wandle Fortnight.

Join us for a Walking Tour of the Fungus Press billboards, led by project curator Jessie Krish; programmed as part of Wandle Fortnight.


Launching during the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 competition, Turf Projects presents a new series of billboard artworks by Rosa-Johan Uddoh across 3 public poster sites in Croydon; featuring documentation of Uddoh’s work Cultural Field, an interdisciplinary performance that staged the first meeting of fictional 5 a-side football teams ANTI-CAPITALIST UTD and CAPITALIST CITY on the Hackney Marshes, London, in 2020.


Captured by photographer Anne Tetzlaff, the play-off between CAPITALIST CITY and ANTI-CAPITALIST UNITED for the Cultural Field Cup is a non-scripted game of football, played by a mixture of performance artists and grassroots football players. Through pantomime-like role play and healthy competition, they explore ‘play’ as a way of sharing knowledge about the enclosure of the commons in the UK, present-day gentrification, and the ongoing exclusion of women, non-binary and trans footballers from English football pitches. New captions by Uddoh describing each scene provide a commentary on the fraught interests that determine who has access to space, connecting the concerns of Cultural Field and its presentation in public green spaces in Croydon.


In the tour, curator Jessie Krish will expand on the research and process behind the commission, and artist Rosa-Johan Uddoh’s connection to Croydon. She will discuss the question at the centre of Cultural Field: ‘who has access to public space in the city?’


The walking tour will depart from Turf Project Space. It will last 1 hour with approximately 30 minutes of walking (with breaks at the billboards). Please note that the route involves some steps. 


Turf is grateful for the support from Wandle Fortnight to hold this event.

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Three people photographed playing football, each is wearing a helmet with varying amounts of turf on them.
A film & poster series by Rosa-Johan Uddoh
( Jul 2022 )
A mini Polly Pocket style toy open on a white tiled shelf. It is cast in jesmonite, with a pale pink exterior and an interior covered with green grass flocking. Either side of the open toy are jesmonite casts of mini football goals, the ground around them has white pitch markings. In the background is a print of a frosted window.
Asha Fontenelle, Flora Hunt, Milktooth, Jhinuk Sarkar, Katherine Smith, & Amy J Wilson
( Jul 2022 )

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