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MakeRoom: ‘Free garden clay workshop – timewasters warmly welcome’

Drop in sessions from 11-1am and 2-4pm. Free workshop for all ages to sculpt with and learn to process wild clay (from neighbour’s gardens and free online ads). You will be taking part in an ongoing collaborative art project (from artists Emma MD and Tina Salvidge a.k.a ‘Timewasters’) which uses clay modelling to open a dialogue about the manufacturing of both ceramic and digital products we rely on every day.


You’ll be asked to recreate your first mobile phone, music album, favourite mug and more as rudimentary clay objects with newfound archaeological significance. The project is also looking at the shared nostalgia between different generations towards traditional craft, obsolete technology and old music. There will be a music corner with ambient music made from clay instruments you can join in with including bells, shakers and drums. There will also be Walkmans and mp3 players with headphones to go on a little explore of the albums the Timewasters have been listening to during their clay sessions.

Part of:

Resolve Collective, Ama Dodzro, Print Collective, Solo Wood Recycling, Fashion Meets Music, Heather Lawrence, Daisy Young, Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds and Rosie Crane Eckmire
( Jan 2023 )

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