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Groundwerk: Setting Up Spaces – How To Get The Public On Your Side

Sarah Lloyd (Carpenter) will share methods of how to work with the local community effectively.

In this workshop, Sarah Lloyd (Carpenter), founder and director of Fourth Wall Folkestone, will share methods of how to work with the local community effectively. We’ll touch on alternate and non-commercial ways of funding your project, and how to both build and hold faith in the community. We’ll discuss how to create your own path and space to provide and receive support.

The event series Setting Up Spaces aims to build skills & networks that leave communities better equipped to engage in decisions made about their locality & develop cultural opportunities within that.




Sarah is an artist researcher, designer, and the founding director of Fourth Wall Folkestone, an informal Gallery, Open Studio and Research Space. With a specialism in public engagement, her work focuses mainly on the subject of mental health, and she has worked in this field for almost 12 years. Sarah has worked with and continues to work with institutions and organisations such as Bethlem GalleryShape ArtsOutside In, Artistic UK, King’s College London (specifically the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience), The Biomedical Research Centre and Maudsley Charity.

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