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Groundwerk 9.4 – Alternative Artist Economies III: Creative Community Enterprise



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How can we as artists shape the economy alongside and through our practice?

In this workshop, led by artist Kathrin Böhm, we will consider ways in which artistic practice is also economic practice, and will explore alternative economic systems that operate alongside the dominance of the art market. Together, we will map out diverse and unseen economies within our own work, and will look at examples of artworks and creative projects that exist as economic models. Touching on a range of case studies and concrete concepts such as Take Back the Economy, Community Economies and Dark Matter, we will look at ways of organising the economies that underpin our work in ways that are interdependent, locally-responsive and more resilient.

This workshop is free to attend and open to all but booking is necessary, as spaces are limited. For this online session, we will be using video calling platform Zoom. It is possible to take part with or without setting up an account, and we will send instructions for joining ahead of the day.

Groundwerk is a monthly series of free practical workshops for artists and creatives wishing to gain the skills to support their practice. This workshop is supported by Arts Council England.


Kathrin Böhm is the cofounder of The Centre for Plausible Economies, and art-led action research centre for mapping and reimagining economic systems, in the arts and beyond. The Centre is part of Company Drinks, a community drinks enterprise which is also art, and was set up by Kathrin in Barking and Dagenham in 2014. To claim economy as a cultural and public realm runs through many of Kathrin’s work, and is put into practice in other projects such as The Rural School of Economics, Trade Show and The Interdependence.

Image credits:
01 – Kathrin Böhm explains the diverse economies of Company Drinks during a Take Back the Economy Seminar, 2018. Photo: Levin Haegele
02 – The Economy as an Iceberg
03 – Company Drinks Diagram
04 – Logo Centre for Plausible Economies
05 – Tape Messages
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