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Ground: Discussion Day

Sat 25 June // 2-4pm

Turf Projects, Keeley Road, Croydon



Alice Gale-Feeny and Oliver Tirré discuss Ground in relation to their shared interest in the body’s impact upon materials; how this presents itself within the artworks shown, and what it may mean to make work in relation to one’s own physical experience. As well as drawing upon their individual practices to illustrate how the exhibition has been framed, they invite Christopher Burman, a London-based artist, to join the discussion and present a newly commissioned piece of writing that responds to the exhibition. Adrian Schindler and Eulàlia Rovira will also join us and present a new publication ‘When Buildings No Longer Hold‘.



 Alice Gale-Feeny uses video, voice and collage. Her works are made using a form of appropriation, taking what exists ‘as it is’, and re-articulating it via the individual’s subjective encounter. Current projects that interrogate the use of shared space, observe the subtle shifts that occur when landscapes, buildings, rooms, furniture and objects are used and re-purposed. The focus rests on how this history of activity is tracked and from which perspective.
(b, 1989) lives and works in Nottingham. Gained her BA in Fine Art in 2012 at Nottingham Trent University. Current and forthcoming projects include: a solo exhibition at Nottingham Castle (October 2016 – January 2017), a commission for ‘Tunnel Vision’, Broadmarsh Bus Station, Nottingham (October 2016) and a residency with STORE, London (2015-16). Past solo exhibitions include: ‘Close Attention’, Space One, Seoul, South Korea (2015) and ‘HairWashCarWash’, Two Queens, Leicester (2014), funded by Arts Council England. She currently lectures at Nottingham Trent University.


Oliver Tirre‘s practice of painting, photography, sculpture and video is rooted in the ‘event’ of creativity and imagination. It explores an awareness towards time and ones occupation of space – how these constants shape experience, and in turn get translated/reflected onto matter through bodily acts. Oliver’s installations often include furniture and notions of placement to draw out looking/doing as a subject.
(b, 1989) lives and works in Nottingham. Gained his BA in Fine Art in 2012 at Nottingham Trent University. Solo exhibitions include: I Am So Heavy, Castor Projects, London (2016) ‘I guess, anything can become interesting if you look at it long enough’, Syson Gallery, Nottingham (2015); Select group shows include: Forming Thoughts, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham (2015); SMALL Rome, Frutta Gallery, Italy; Vivarium, Model, Liverpool (both 2014); Other projects include: Residency followed by exhibition at Hotel MariaKapel, Holland, Residency at Summer Lodge, Nottingham (both 2014); Residency at Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China (2011)


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Curated by Alice Gale-Feeny and Oliver Tirré
( Jun 2016 )

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