illustrations of clay objects and tools

Family Art Fun Day – Clay Play!

Make your very own ceramic object!

Have go at pottery at Turf Projects where we will be working with ceramic artist Daisy Young. We will be handbuilding pots and plates and decorating with slip (a mixture of colour and wet clay). They will be fired in our kiln for you to pick up at a later date.  This workshop is for children and their families to explore together. It is inspired by our current project MakeRoom which is all about sharing and learning new skills!


This free workshop is most suitable for ages 5-11, but all are welcome to come and have a go. All ages are welcome and for this workshop we’d especially love for children to come with a family member over 65, to collaborate together! You only need to book for one if you would like to bring a caregiver.

Please note, we are now running the same Family Fun Day workshop twice per exhibition. Once on a Saturday, and once during school holidays. Please only book one of these dates, to allow as many families as possible to get involved!

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( Jan 2023 )

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