Katrina Man

a photograph of katrina man hammering a nail into a gallery wall

I am an independent curator and art consultant/producer based in London, UK. During and since completing my History of Art BA (UCL) and History of Art (Modern and Contemporary Art) MA (University of York) I have been specialising in innovative and under-represented contemporary art, especially art that engages with technology, social/political issues, the moving image […]

Grace Crannis

a photograph of grace crannis

Grace is a designer and researcher with a background in architecture. She is co-founder of design studio Syrup and as Senior Planning Engagement Officer at Richmond and Wandsworth Councils, supports both authorities with delivering inclusive planning engagement. This includes commissioning creative digital and public realm projects for Wandsworth’s Local Plan and forthcoming Night Time Strategy.

Emily Marsh

a black and white photograph of emily marsh, one of turfs trustees.

Emily is an independent development consultant, providing fundraising, strategy and business planning support to arts and cultural organisations across the UK. Emily brings to the Board over 10 years’ experience in the sector, and a commitment to advocating for the arts for all.

Caroline Dawson

A white woman sits at a dark wooden table, facing the camera. Her left forearm rests on the table, with her right elbow also resting on the table. Her right hand holds the right side of her chin. She has dark blonde hair tied behind her head. She is smiling with her mouth closed. Her upper torso is visible, wearing a black long sleeved top. On the table in front of her there is a bright orange container with a pink poppy in it.

Having worked with Turf since 2017, Caroline Dawson joined as a Trustee in 2021. As a local resident she is passionate about the work that Turf do.