Sandy Layton

a photograph of sandy layton. sandy is standing in front of a shelf of art supplies. sandy is wearing a black and white sweater and dark blue coveralls.

“Before becoming an artist I pursued a career as a teacher of children with learning difficulties. Their complex emotional needs prompted me to train at the Tavistock clinic as a child psychotherapist, a career that I then pursued for many years in NHS clinics across London before widening my qualifications and experience by becoming also […]

Charlotte Young

an image of a group of people.

I am an artist and writer interested in power structures, institutions, and the social construction of myths. My artwork incorporates text, video, installation, and performance. I am currently developing a series of text pieces interrogating cultic language, online proponents of well-being and self-improvement techniques, and notions of ‘recruitment’.

Demelza Watts

a photograph of a collage of objects hung in a white room

Enjoy Art I am a transdisciplinary artist, curator and production manager traveling the waterways of southeast England (UK). My interest lays in the common ground for the artist and the spectator. Collaging research, found objects, crafts and experiences to examine the intersections of art, home and the everyday. In my practice conversation, research, collaboration and […]

Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds

sketches by rebecca

“These shallow and chameleon waters made this situation possible —— alongside other elements
the earth was different here too —— it supported the water —— rather than taking it within”

scheduled (ancient) monument, a text. 2021

Isabelle Zhizhi Southwood

A mask formed of recycled white and green plastic that has been hand cut into tiles. The tiles have been linked together with bronze wire to form a face smiling and sticking out its tongue.

Isabelle Zhizhi Southwood makes objects, drawings, paintings and videos about experiences that are universal yet feel painfully personal; birth, death, love. The process of making is important, often involving collaboration. Material choices are influenced by a mixed Chinese and British heritage. After studying at The Slade, UCL, receiving the Grocers’ Queen’s Golden Jubilee Scholarship and […]

Samuel Legg

Croydon born and raised. Sam Legg has been assisting with research at Turf since April 2021. You might occasionally find him sitting on a beanbag, counting people, to help us measure footfall. As the frontman for the anthropology funk-rock-world band ‘Academic People Watchers’, he’s evidently quite skilled at watching people for us. He has also […]

Aoife Locke-Flynn

Aoife is currently on maternity leave 👶 Croydon-born and Forest Hill-based, I’m one of the Turf founding members brought together by Alice Cretney in 2013. After a stint as Turf’s chair of the board of trustees from 2016 – 2018, I rejoined the Turf team as Projects & Operations manager in 2021, overseeing all things […]

Holly Graham

a page from a nature magazine

to have and/or to hold holding space leaning against or holding a slow space in the hold navigating or processing fast paced   IMAGES Carefully Cleansed of Labour and Softened by Cooking, Compressor Projects, London 2018 After Harry Jacobs: Green Fingers, feature in Art Licks magazine, Issue 20, 2017 After Harry Jacobs: Outside, Cypher Billboard, […]

Chris Alton

a tapestry with the text "A Hollywood film in which climate change is averted"

b. Croydon, 1991 Syllabus III, Wysing Arts Centre, Eastside Projects, Iniva, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Spike Island and Studio Voltaire, 2017-18 BA (Hons) Fine Art, Middlesex University, 2011-14 Chris Alton is an artist & curator. Whether deploying disco music in opposition to fascism, recording a rhythm ‘n’ blues album about tax avoidance, or proposing […]

Jhinuk Sarkar

a funnel with a range of issues going in the top

About me: I am an Illustrator and Arts Educator, born in Leicester to Indian parents originating from Kolkata, India. I studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Norwich School of Art & Design and have an MA in Communication Design, from Central St Martins. I continue my work in a freelance capacity as an Illustrator whilst working […]