Phoebe Russell

Two hands appear to be swimming in water. The subtitle reads, 'So sometimes I wish I could forgot I ever could.'

Phoebe Russell is an artist and filmmaker based in London. She uses choreographed and improvised movement within her sculptural video installations to explore language and sexuality. Through the use of doors, opacities and obscured text, she creates a physical portrait of the shadow-self and explores the intricacies of shame. Phoebe is currently studying a BA […]

Joseph Brown

a framed illustration of a stag beetle with pencils and natural objects surrounding it

Joseph Brown is Turf’s Marketing Assistant, and a long-term Turf volunteer. With a practice concerned with the inhabitants and habitats of the natural world, Joseph is a Croydon School of Art and UAL graduate.   A print by Joseph, Mandible Gathering, is for sale here in the Turf shop in a limited edition […]

Rosie Crane Eckmire

Rosie Crane Eckmire is a Croydon-born curator and artist-ish. she is interested in the therapeutic properties of creativity and enabling art to be accessible for all. in addition to her self-initiated projects, she has curated events and facilitated workshops at Dulwich Picture Gallery, Bethlem Gallery, and the ICA. rosie is one of the CoDirectors at […]