VACANCY: Facilities Lead

Application deadline

Midnight Tuesday 19th April 2022


Key info:

Turf is Croydon’s homegrown art space; a registered charity set up and run by local artists to support creatives and our local community. Find out more about what we do, our team and our space, visit

This role is to lead on managing our spaces and studios. Turf currently has two meanwhile use ex-retail units in Croydon. Our studio provision is quite small, with around 20-30 studio members at a time.


Pay & terms:

Contract: Part-time fixed term freelance contract of 6 months. Funding & performance dependent we’d look to extend this role.

Pay: £900 per month.

Hours: Approx 6 days per month, working on days between Wed-Sat (our opening hours). We work 8 hour days including an hour for lunch.

Application Deadline: Midnight 19th April 2022 – we’ll notify applicants for interview on the 20th.

Interviews: 21st & 22nd April 2022. Let us know when you’re available when you apply. This could be in person or remote, but we’d encourage in person if possible to be able to see the space!
Interview format: Around 20 mins where we’ll ask you some questions about you and your experience. No special prep needed!
We’ll notify all applicants on the afternoon of the 22nd April. We’ll give feedback to all interviewees if you’d like it.

Handover date: week of 25th April 2022.
This is also our ideal start date, but we appreciate you may need more time, so we’re flexible up to a few weeks for the right candidate. However, we do need to do 2-3 days of training and handover the week of the 25th before the current lead finishes. These can be on any days during that week.

Working from: Turf Projects, 46-47 Trinity Court, Whitgift Centre, Croydon CR01UQ with some regular home working (if desired!)

Person spec

  • Personal connections to & active knowledge of Croydon are essential. Ideally, you’ll be located nearby as you’d be the main point of contact in a space-related emergency.
  • An affinity with Turf’s aims and ethos. We strive to be welcoming, kind, accessible and curious, conscious of our duty to the public and those we work with.
  • Experience of managing spaces, bills, facilities. We’re flexible on what this means – it might mean you’ve managed complicated projects, artist studios, or you might have done similar work in different types of spaces. We mainly want to see that you’re good at juggling and organising many moving pieces!
  • Practical, technical and willing to get stuck in
  • Strong digital literacy. Letting us know what tools you’re familiar with would be great!
  • Efficient and well organised with a good attention to detail.
  • Confident with numbers – important in managing bills and budgets.
  • You’ll be great at communication and collaborating. You’ll be patient, kind, curious and able to work with individuals and organisations from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience.
  • You’ll have an active interest in arts and culture with an awareness of current arts and socio-political discourses (i.e. you like to interrogate things and ask questions!). 
  • Turf is an artist-led space, so we’d love to hear about your artistic practice if you have one. This is important as we all feed into programming at Turf.

Key responsibilities

  • Cultivation and management of studio & desk membership schemes, including;
    • Handling studio and desk enquiries & vacancies, contracts & onboarding.
    • Ongoing management & follow-up care for studio members.
    • Ensuring studio members, empty studios & studio waiting list are marketed in collaboration with Turf’s Marketing Assistant.
  • General upkeep and maintenance for units including;
    • Managing bills & services for units.
    • Ensuring units are kept clean and tidy and in compliance with health and safety regulations and leases; ensuring insurances, electrical, lighting, fire safety etc is are order and checked regularly. 
    • Management of plans and contractors for any maintenance or building work needed.
    • Maintenance of Fungus Press sites.
    • Managing facilities-related budgets.
    • Managing team’s shared facilities task rota.
  • Management of hosted organisations and facilities we offer in our units including raising invoices for bills, drawing up contracts or Licence Agreements.
  • Managing enquiries for & contracting Project Space hires and any long term / commercial hires.
  • In collaboration with Turf’s Development Lead, assess the viability of additional spaces and facilities to expand Turf’s studio provision to meet demand.
  • Overseeing shop sales – ensuring shop orders sent out, marked as sent & recorded, doing quarterly stock checks & commission calculations and overseeing marketing by Marketing Assistant.
  • Be on call in case of space-related emergencies.
  • Shared team duties – see below.

Essential things to know about working at Turf

  • Turf is a registered charity with a board of trustees. You’d need to align with Turf and the Charity Commission’s policies on finance management, code of conduct, conflict of interest, health and safety, equal opportunities & safeguarding.
  • We have a nonhierarchical team structure, which means;
    • We have mutual accountability processes and collaborative decision making on major decisions. We check in with each other weekly and have both a team review and a board meeting quarterly.
    • We’re all paid equivalent to the same day rate (£150 per day).
    • We all share in front of house duties, though we also work in some working from home as possible.
    • We also share various rota tasks e.g restocking the loo roll!
  • As an artist-led space, 10% of our time can be used as ‘Wiggle Time’ – wiggle room to spend on activities which are of benefit to both our practices and Turf. It’s a bit like paid personal development time, but geared towards ensuring our practices are interwoven into Turf.
  • Key tools we use are; Google Drive/Sheets, Xero, Asana, Slack.


Please apply by midnight 19th April to

We’re very flexible on how you apply;

  • Email us a CV & cover letter.
  • Send us a video intro to you and why you’re interested.
  • Another format!

We don’t have a format we prefer, and your format won’t impact our consideration of your application, so send whatever you’re comfortable with.

Please do let us know;

  • When you’d be available for interview on the 21st/22nd.
  • Your connections to Croydon.
  • Turf is an artist-led space, so we’d love to hear about your artistic practice if you have one.

We welcome applicants of all backgrounds and identities of race, gender and disability status.