Vacancy: Community Producer: Development & Fundraising

Application deadline:

Midnight, Sunday 31 July 2022


Key info:

Turf is Croydon’s homegrown art space; a registered charity set up and run by local artists to support creatives and our local community. Find out more about what we do, our team and our space, visit

This is a role to primarily support Turf’s role in 2023’s Croydon Borough of Culture. Turf is one of a number of Culture Hubs in the borough. We’ll be working to develop & support a community-led programme of projects and events for 2023, and in the lead up during 2022.

The core aim of this role is to support Turf and our partner organisations to finalise plans and funding for the 2023 Borough of Culture year and ensure their stability & legacy beyond it. You’ll lay the groundwork for this, working with all partners connected to us as a hub, including Club Soda, Conditions, Fashion Meets Music & SLiDE.

This role will partially build on the work of CoDirector B Atherton, who is currently on leave.


Pay & terms:

Contract: Part-time fixed term freelance contract of 3 months

Pay: £1200 per month (£150 per day)

Hours: 8 days per month, between Wed-Sat (our opening hours)

Application Deadline: Midnight, Sunday 31 July 2022

Interviews: 10-11 August 2022

Start date: Week commencing 15 August, 2-3 days of training.

This role will work in partnership with the Community Producer: Programme & Production role.


Person spec:

  • Personal connections to & active knowledge of Croydon are essential.
  • An affinity with Turf’s aims and ethos. We strive to be welcoming, kind, accessible and curious, conscious of our duty to the public and those we work with.
  • A range of development expertise within fundraising, development & marketing / audience development including;
    • Demonstrable experience of successfully applying for funding, both written proposals and budgets.
    • Demonstrable experience of organisational development.
    • Knowledge of marketing strategy, audience development and reporting.
  • Strong digital and written literacy. Letting us know what tools you’re familiar with would be great!
  • Efficient and well organised.
  • You’ll have an active interest in arts and culture with an awareness of current arts and socio-political discourses (i.e. you like to interrogate things and ask questions!). 
  • Turf is an artist-led space, so we’d love to hear about your artistic practice if you have one.
  • You’ll be great at communication and collaborating. You’ll be patient, kind, curious and able to work with individuals and organisations from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience.


Key deliverables:

These are the key responsibilities of the the role as a whole, but we appreciate the limits of what may be achievable within the 3 month contract. 

  • Working with the Community Producer: Programme & Production role to finalise funding & activity plans for Borough of Culture year.
  • Supporting Turf and key partners to;
    • Develop fundraising strategies and make funding applications to generate additional funding for our programmes. 
    • Work on legacy plans to ensure future stability for core partners – e.g permanent spaces.
  • Plan a series of fundraising & development workshops and resources open to Borough of Culture partners, and begin delivering if viable. This may involve bringing in external workshop leads where necessary, or using Turf as a case study to develop;
    • Fundraising strategies.
    • Organisational structures and stability.
    • Business plans and pitch decks.
    • Setting up PAYE.
    • Individual giving and donations.
    • How to apply for and deliver public commissions.
  • In collaboration with the Community Producer: Programme & Production, deliver bookable fortnightly funding & development support surgeries for local organisations and individuals (with a focus on young, emerging, low income and undersupported artists). 
  • Maintain momentum in Turf’s existing development plans, including assessing the viability of additional spaces to expand Turf’s studio provision to meet demand, developing our donations schemes, developing our roadmap towards a permanent space and gaining R&D funding.
  • Overseeing top-level marketing for Turf-associated programmes in a development sense;
    • Co-developing and signing off on marketing strategy and audience development mapping to identify underserved audiences, reporting.
    • Bringing in external support if necessary.
  • Programme logistics – evaluation and project reporting to funding bodies, stakeholders, Board of Trustees.
  • Shared team duties – see below.

Essential things to know about working at Turf:

  • Turf is a registered charity with a board of trustees. You’d need to align with Turf and the Charity Commission’s policies on finance management, code of conduct, conflict of interest, health and safety, equal opportunities & safeguarding.
  • We have a nonhierarchical team structure, which means;
    • We have mutual accountability processes and collaborative decision making on major decisions. We check in with each other weekly and have both a team review and a board meeting quarterly.
    • We’re all paid equivalent to the same day rate (£150 per day).
    • We all share in front of house duties, though we also work in some working from home as possible.
    • We also share various rota tasks e.g restocking the loo roll!
  • As an artist-led space, 10% of our time can be used as ‘Wiggle Time’ – wiggle room to spend on activities which are of benefit to both our practices and Turf. It’s a bit like paid personal development time, but geared towards ensuring our practices are interwoven into Turf.
  • Key tools we use are; Google Drive/Sheets, Xero, Asana, Slack.



Please apply by midnight, Sunday 31 July to:

We’re very flexible on how you apply;

  • Email us a CV & cover letter.
  • Send us a video intro to you and why you’re interested.
  • Another format!

We don’t have a format we prefer, and your format won’t impact our consideration of your application, so send whatever you’re comfortable with.