Vanessa Mitter // Artists Lunchtime Crit

Some of the themes, concerns and questions that arose during the artists’ crit were:


How drawing can be used in painting


How to determine what one’s real interests are, in terms of making/constructing an image


Is focus important, as an artist?


What brought you here today


What kind of work was made in the past


What work is being made now


Is the journey more important than the destination?


How to free yourself to make what you really want to


Cut-outs and collage




Basquiat, Turner, Yayoi Kusama, Niki de Saint Phalle, Mary Heilmann


Being tangential


Is self-belief important, as an artist?


Finding a voice


Still-life, cityscapes, life drawing/painting, seascapes, landscape, portraiture


Embracing idiosyncrasies


Using line to draw


Obsessive repetition of gestures and/or lines and/or circles as a methodology for making work


Small clay sculptures


Drawing from the top floor of a car park in Croydon


Drawing/painting from life


Alienated figures


How figures relate to space in a particular painting


Colour relationships and their emotional charge


Many thanks to Frivolous Convulsions exhibiting artists Vanessa Mitter and Ben Westley Clark for leading the crit and for this writeup! Turf’s next free crit will be on 28 April, led by artist Jennifer Martin





a colourful illustration of four people around a table
Aliki Krikidi | Babette Semmer | Grant Foster | Ben Westley Clarke | Denzil Forrester | Lucy Stein | David Harrison | Melissa Kime | Vanessa Mitter | Jack Catling | Robin Bale | Stuart Brisley | Curated by Vanessa Mitter and Ben Westley Clarke
( Jan 2018 )