Vacancy: Community Producer: Programme & Production

Application deadline:

30th June 2023


Key info:

Turf is Croydon’s homegrown art space; a registered charity set up and run by local artists to support creatives and our local community. Find out more about what we do, our team and our space, visit

The core aim of this role is to project manage Turf’s upcoming major project Desire Paths (July-November/December), and leading on the planning & delivery of projects thereafter into 2024.

This role also supports Turf’s role in 2023’s London Borough of Culture (LBoC) in Croydon, working with key partners and medium Ignite fund recipients to develop & support an interconnected community-led programme of projects and events for 2023.


Pay & terms:

Contract: Part-time fixed term freelance contract of 11 months – July 2023 to May 2024

Pay: £1968 per month (£164 per day according to Turf’s flat pay structure)

Hours: 12 days per month, delivered as much as possible between Wed-Sat (our opening hours).
Flexible working patterns offered. 
At Turf we all try to share Saturday working, and this role involves the planning & delivery of workshops which will sometimes need to take place on Saturdays, so occasional Saturday working will be needed. Our General & Workshop Assistant will help with the hosting of Saturday workshops under your instruction whenever this isn’t possible.

Location: Turf Projects, Croydon, with some work off site (typically Fridays) at Bernard Weatherill House for Borough of Culture support. We have a general policy of 1 in 8 days working from home if desired.

Start date: 2nd week of July 2023. We can be flexible on start dates and working patterns for the first month.

Application Deadline: 30th June 2023

Interviews: 2nd week of July 2023; dates flexible.


Person spec:

  • Personal connections to & active knowledge of Croydon are essential. Turf is fundamentally rooted in the borough, so we aim for our delivery team to be too.
  • An affinity with Turf’s aims and ethos. We strive to be welcoming, kind, accessible and curious, conscious of our duty to the public and those we work with.
  • Experience of project managing medium scale arts & culture events. Projects are planned until November, but this role does also need experience of and interest in curation for future projects.
  • Experience in managing medium-large project budgets.
  • Efficient, well-organised, reliable & a clear communicator.
    Desire Paths is a complex project with many partners so these qualities are absolutely essential.
  • A clear communicator who’s great at facilitating and collaborating.
    You’ll be patient, kind and curious, a keen & conscientious listener and able to work with individuals and organisations from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience.
  • Strong digital and written literacy.
    We use Asana for project managing & managing tasks across the team. Letting us know what tools you’re familiar with would be great!
  • An active interest in arts and culture, with an awareness of current arts and socio-political discourses (i.e. you like to interrogate things and ask questions!).
  • Turf is primarily artist-led, so we’d love to hear about your artistic practice if you have one.

Key deliverables:

  • Planning & delivery of projects;
    • Take a look at our previous projects here.
    • Manage the planning & delivery of Turf’s flagship projects Desire Paths, and where possible arranging sites for outcomes to be located.
    • Manage the curation, planning & delivery of projects from November 2023-May 2024. Projects are planned until November, but this role does also need experience of and interest in curation for future projects.
    • In collaboration with the Turf community, curate & plan projects for 2024, as we head into Turf’s second year as an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation. You can read our written application and aspirations for the next 2-3 years here.
    • Work with the Turf Projects team and key partners Club Soda, SLiDE, Thrive, Conditions and Whitgift & Centrale shopping centres, to collaboratively develop an interconnected thematic approach to their public programmes.
    • Work along-side Turf’s Learning Leads to further develop and interconnect links with local schools and educational institutions within Turf and LBoC partner programmes including connecting potential partners together.
    • Work alongside Turf’s Access Lead to make sure projects & events have a creative approach to access.
    • Work locally, and across the borough, to support the provision of arts and culture in public spaces e.g parks. We want Turf’s programme to go outside our space to meet people where they are. We’re particularly interested in work with social & environmental themes.
    • Ensure streaming & hybrid delivery and thorough & creative documentation of events and projects to make sure that they can wherever possible be accessed remotely and continue to be engaged with post-2023.
    • Programme logistics – managing budgets, artist contracts, funding agreements, overseeing install & de-installs, transportation, insurance.
  • London Borough of Culture support;
    • Work in collaboration with other Community Producers and London Borough of Culture partners to ensure support from Turf, consistency and interconnection across the programme.
    • Attend strategic steering group meetings & advisory group meetings wherever possible to boldly represent Turf and our partners.
    • Support medium Ignite recipients – recipients of funding via LBoC for medium-scale projects around the borough – in . You are not expected to co-manage their projects, but to act in a supportive role for signposting, connecting and helping recipients meet evaluation & other LBoC expectations.

Essential things to know about working at Turf:

  • Turf is a registered charity with a board of trustees. You’d need to align with Turf and the Charity Commission’s policies on finance management, code of conduct, conflict of interest, health and safety, equal opportunities & safeguarding.
  • We have a flat pay structure, and this means;
    • We’re all paid equivalent to the same day rate.
    • We have mutual accountability processes. We check in digitally with each other weekly and have both a team review and a board meeting quarterly held on site with hybrid options to attend where unavoidable.
    • We all share in front of house duties, though we also work in some working from home as possible. We also share in various space care tasks e.g restocking the loo roll!
  • As an artist-led space, 10% of our time can be used as ‘Wiggle Time’. This is wiggle room to spend on activities which are of benefit to both our practices and Turf. It’s a bit like paid personal development time, but geared towards ensuring our practices are interwoven into Turf.
  • Key tools we use are; Google Drive/Sheets, Xero, Asana, Slack.


Please apply by 30th June to: with the subject line ‘Job Application; Community Producer: Programme & Production’

We’re very flexible on how you apply;

  • Email us a CV & cover letter.
  • Send us a video intro to you and why you’re interested.
  • Another format!

We don’t have a format we prefer, and your format won’t impact our consideration of your application, so send whatever you’re comfortable with.