Milly Peck // Artists’ Lunchtime Feedback

a group of artists conversing around a table with a range of black and red prints on the table

In this feedback session we began looking at Marina Jacob’s work consisting mainly of drawings and sculptures which prompted us to discuss, amongst the myriad of obstacles there are to making art in the current socio-economic and political climate in the UK, the question of pleasure. Is it morally or ethically sound to take pleasure […]


Someone holding a framed drawing of someone with long black and pink hair, and an orange top with the word love on it

Feedback (2018) Do I understand what you are trying to do? What have I presumed you are trying to do? Did I listen deeply enough? What have you voiced? What did you conceal? Intentionally or not?


a group of artists observe the work hung up on a wall in a studio

We spent an afternoon talking about five artists’ works. The group was generous in their discussion and open to critical input, it was a relaxed but serious collection of conversations.


A group of artists huddled together, studying a painting / artwork laid flat on a table.

  At the crit last satdee, there were little moments of conversation about editing, feeling, airport security, and art that goes all out maximalist ; but we want to circle back round to whether or not a piece of art you make is finished.


A group of 6 people sitting around a light wooden table, each looking to be middle aged. on the table a bunch of books, papers, mugs and a bowl of snacks are scattered around. they're al looking to the second one too the right who's currently leading the convosation

An unofficial theme of today could be contemplating the notion of process in any practice: how does our work and the narratives we have around it function in the every day? How can we talk about and express “process” in our practices and our lives at large? In what ways are we pushed in or […]

Illustration is everywhere [Jhinuk Sarkar // ARTISTS LUNCHTIME FEEDBACK]

a wooden sculpture of someone on a house with Armor and tasselled reigns

I see illustration everywhere, I’m a bit obsessed… I think it began when I started getting interested in music and used to pour over the lyrics in an album cover, then turned my attention to the album artwork. The artwork was an advert for the music, it represented what the creator of that music wanted […]

Hazel Brill // Artists Lunchtime Crit

four people look down at the blue tye dye prints being displayed on the floor

She suggested singing before a presentation, warm up your voice and get used to the sound of it. Crits can sometimes be anxiety inducing; the formality of them, the dynamics between people, the distribution of ‘voice-time’, intimidation, tangents, miscommunication.


an older person holding onto, and feeling a piece of artwork

Our crit was really well attended with many of the group wanting to share work. For this reason, we tried to fit in discussing as many people’s work as possible, which led to a fast paced and lively discussion. In retrospect it might have been better to focus on just 2 or 3 artists, but […]