PINS and Turf Projects invites you to create your own one-page comic about what

‘Thornton Heath Looks like’ from home.


‘Thornton Heath Looks Like’ is a short drawing activity designed by local Artist PINS.


At the bottom of this page, you can see a gallery of examples from a workshop PINS led near Thornton Heath Station on Tuesday 22nd September 2020. But now it’s your turn!


Listen to your task set by PINS:



“Hey I’m PINS, a Thornton Heath-based Artist specialising in Mixed Media. Your mission, which I hope you’ll accept, is to fill in the worksheet with your thoughts or images about what Thornton Heath looks like today, and what you think Thornton Heath could look like in the future. Enjoy”.


Comic strip with 3 boxes of 'Thornton Heath Looks Like.... / Today..... / The Future.....

Download the template

designed by local Artist PINS

to create your own one-page comic strip.


After you’ve created your comic – show us! You can email it to and we will upload your work to add to this gallery.


Or you can post it on Instagram and tag us in @turfprojects or on Twitter @Turf_Projects with the hashtag #thorntonheathlookslike

We can’t wait to see what you think about Thornton Heath!


Why are we asking for your thoughts about Thornton Heath?

We are working with Croydon Council and architects CarverHaggard to help them understand how you want to see Thornton Heath change. We want to hear from as many local people of all ages as possible.


You can find out more by visiting