Turf x CSoCA Residency 2023

Izzy Duck
December 10, 2022
 to April 29, 2023

Free & open to all

The artist selected for the 2023 Turf x CSoCA residency is visual artist Izzy Duck. Izzy will be conducting their residency using a desk space at Turf Projects.

“An artist specialising in visual art, makeup and hair design, I use the body as a canvas while exploring its physical architecture. Since make-up is a tactile medium, I see the connections between textiles, performance, sculpture, print and clothing as a praxis to create surreal imaginings. By doing so, I obliterate conventional beauty standards and aspire to push our understanding of body image beyond its limits.

My ability to reinvent and reinvent the status quo allows me to explore excess, which can mean that the result can appear intricate or unfinished, without succumbing to the perceived pressures of perfection.” ~ Izzy Duck