Indiscernible // Karnika Satchi // Turf x Croydon School of Art Residency Exhibition

Karnika Satchi
September 22, 2017
 to September 30, 2017

Free & open to all

Open Tues-Sat 11-5pm // At Turf Keeley Road, Croydon CR01TF

OPENING NIGHT FRI 22 SEPT 5-9pm // Free refreshments plus BYOB welcome


Graduating from BA Fine Art in July 2017, Karnika Satchi was selected for 2017’s Turf x Croydon School of Art graduate residency.


In culminating residency exhibition ‘Indiscernible’, Satchi attempts to connect the viewer with realistic expressions of health and wellness. Satchi’s work gives an opportunity for us to connect with ideas about our bodies and living healthy lives.

There is the concept of binary opposition that occurs throughout: the materials used are familiar, simultaneously suggesting parts of the body that are usually hidden and unfamiliar. This use of familiar materials introduces a quality of humanity, the sense that the work has been part of a human process.

Using everyday items like knitting, clay, cotton, fabric, latex, Satchi suggests a binary opposition of strength and weakness within the human body, making internal parts of the body external, so that viewers can have a deeper appreciation of the human anatomy; composed of amazing organs and awe inspiring physiological functions.