Letters: ‘MOTHERS’, Bronte Dow & Dyveke Bredsdorff

NOTE: These handpainted letters all have small scuffs and imperfections.


Bronte Dow & Dyveke Bredsdorff have kindly donated the full proceeds of this signage to Turf. 100% of your purchase will go back into supporting Turf’s programme, collectives and future.

Exhibition signage lettering from Bronte Dow & Dyveke Bredsdorff’s ‘MOTHERS’ 2019

A collaboration between ten mother-child pairings, ‘MOTHERS’ was a gesture to the care our mothers have provided, and are continuously providing, which was unpaid, invisible and not seen as real work.

Made of MDF, paint

Approx size of lettering 480 x 340 mm, punctuation not included.

Get in touch at info@turf-projects for specific measurements


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