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Print Collective


Print Collective aims to improve access to Risograph printing and self-publishing. Starting out as a part of DIY Space for London, they aim to provide affordable print tuition, workshops, bespoke training and sessions for activist & community groups. 

Print Collective runs supported sessions at Turf: Inductions for people who are new to riso or need a refresher, and Open Access, where people who are inducted or confident using riso can come and print their own simple jobs. Sessions are £16.76, including 1 master, and can be split amongst a group of up to three people working on the same print. Attendees will come away with at least one run of a 1-2 layer print. Tickets for these events can be bought on Eventbrite

The collective are also up for more complex jobs & bespoke workshops by appointment; email

Print Collective's Workshops!