Past, Present and Future London Road!

London Road is a place that started as countryside and has become a bustling place filled with shops but also a home to many, including some of our team!

We’ve all been thinking about what defines London Road and of course its the people who live there and our stories and memories which make the place what it is. While we are all at home it it is nice to look back and think of moments we remember fondly.

Join us in recording your memories and personal histories through some fun activities for all ages, whether you’re at home with your family or looking for something creative to do by yourself.

See your ideas and stories come to life on our collaborative mural, which will only grow as more people send over their drawings.

Or see your building creations become part of London Road in our online street! 

These activities are a chance to show us what London Road means to you but also what you would like to see in the future from your home. 

Once you’ve completed your chosen activity send it over to with a short explanation of your drawings. We will add your contributions as we receive them!

Instructions (click for a printable PDF)


an illustration of London road with a lighthouse at the end