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Roots and Routes – Setting up in Croydon

Are you an individual or business who has set up home in Croydon? Share your experiences and stories in this creative workshop.

@ Little Turf, 39-40 Keeley Road Croydon CR0 1TF

Free & open to all; please book a free space so we know how many people to expect!


Moving house, borough or country, along with changing workplace is an inevitable condition we all have to go through at some point in our lives. Its effect on our wellbeing and sense of belonging is as dependent on our environment and those around us as it is on us as individuals.

What does this sense of belonging mean in a place like Croydon? Local artist Lina Ivanova invites those who have set up in Croydon; both as individuals or as businesses, to share their stories in a creative workshop. Through discussion, visual and written activities we’ll explore our individual routes to the borough and our own experiences of setting up in Croydon – as well as the roots we’ve established in the time we have lived here. Through these stories we’ll aim to understand what we share and how our experiences and objectives might both overlap and differ. How can we work together and learn from each other to build a better place for us and the next generation?

The workshop will be followed by two more workshops by Lina taking us from an exploratory phase about Croydon to imagining its potential futures, and then testing ideas.

This event is part of a series of engagements exploring how to make Croydon town centre better. Led by urban design specialists We Made That and supported by local arts charity Turf Projects, the events will involve the community in the creation of a new strategy for the town centre which Croydon Council is planning in partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA). The work is taking place from November 2023 until Spring 2024.



Lina Ivanova is a London based artist, originally from Bulgaria. Her practice is process-led, multidisciplinary, primarily including photography and sculpture. Lina constructs multi-media installations as a means of negotiating the notion of place. Often rooted in her experience of migration, Lina’s practice explores narratives of displacement, family, history and heritage. Found objects, public and private archives and industrial materials inform her exploration into the relationship between background, class and status. Having graduated with a BA in Photography (2015), she co-founded Revolv Collective (2017) and completed a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (2018).



Croydon Council is creating a new strategy to underpin the regeneration programmes being planned for the town centre. Croydon’s community groups, residents and businesses will be key to shaping Croydon’s vision.

A multi-disciplinary team led by consultants We Made That, experts in urban strategy, design and infrastructure, has been appointed to create a varied programme of community-led activities where participants will be able to influence the vision and strategy.

A programme of workshops to explore the future of Croydon town centre offers residents, businesses and partners the opportunity to get involved.

As we gather people’s ideas and emerging visions, this will be shared in the Croydon Urban Room website and physical space, which is open to the public. Visit the Croydon Urban Room website for more information, and to get involved please email us at



  • To help us support you best, please let us know if you have any access needs when booking.
  • This workshop will involve some reading and writing. If you need support, just let us know.
  • For access info about getting to Turf and the Turf space, click here.



Turf aims to be a space where all are welcomed & respected. We ask all attendees to align with this spirit when booking and support us in creating a welcoming & collaborative atmosphere together. We ask that everyone is;

  • Kind and respectful in our language and behaviour towards others. Turf is a space which is anti racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism.
  • Considerate of others’ time; allowing others room to speak & engage.
  • Respectful of the space itself as belonging to many people, treating the space & objects with care.

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