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‘(Pub)lic House’ Lock In

A film screening takeover celebrating Croydon pub culture.

Join us for a ‘(Pub)lic House’ Lock In. A film screening and day of events celebrating Croydon pub culture. Come and watch ‘(Pub)lic House’ looping for you to drop in from open till close, Phoebe will also be hosting an Imagine your (pub) workshop alongside the film, where you are invited to chat and/or make your own map remembering, imagining and manifesting your hopes for your pub. Have your voice heard by key influencers in pubs in Croydon and join together to rebuild them.

More about the film:
Pubs across Croydon have been boarded up, abandoned and left to be empty. Phoebe remembers growing up in them. Roger (her Dad) remembers playing music in them since the early 90s. Together they go on a pub crawl across Croydon asking 3 questions: “What happened in these pubs, what are they now and what could they become?”. Compiled through interviews and workshops, see their exploration of the music, stories and sounds that populate(d) these pubs.

‘(Pub)lic House’ is one of the artist projects within Turf Projects’ latest commission series Desire Paths, as part of This Is Croydon, London Borough of Culture 2023.

Other events:
6pm-7pm – Save the Glam Campaign informal – Come and learn more about what the campaign has managed to do so far and what they want to do next. Save the Glam seeks to save the Glamorgan pub on Cherry Orchard Road from demolition.

9pm – 11pm – Pub Music Sesh – ‘When Hendrix Played the Star’ – Roger will host a session of music by local musicians celebrating the history of pub music in Croydon. In the break, Phoebe will open the mic up for you to share your own writing, songs, poems and thoughts responding to the film’s themes.



Father & Daughter. Musician & Poet. Art & Pubs.

Roger Wagner is Phoebe’s Dad: now retired, living in Croydon, but originally from Yorkshire and settled in South London in 1971. He hosts jam sessions in local pubs around Croydon.

Phoebe Wagner is Roger’s Daughter: a poet and community artist who grew up in Thornton Heath, Croydon. Nominated for the Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowship, her work often happens chatting with people.



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