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Film Photography Guidance led by Heather Lawrence

Film photography workshop for all levels of experience!

All things film photography! This workshop is open for all who own a film camera and those who are interested in learning about film and don’t have a camera.

During this workshop you will learn:

-About your camera

-How to load film into your camera

-The different types of films

-What film speed is

-How to expose for your film speed

-Light meters

-Pushing & Pulling film

-ND Filters.

Please bring a note pad & pen.
(Unfortunately we don’t have facilities for loading large format film cameras.)



Heather Lawrence is a self taught London based Photographer. Heather’s work aims to capture joyfulness and colour, through her abstract imagery, playful portraits and creative darkroom techniques.

Part of:

Resolve Collective, Ama Dodzro, Print Collective, Solo Wood Recycling, Fashion Meets Music, Heather Lawrence, Daisy Young, Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds and Rosie Crane Eckmire
( Jan 2023 )

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