drawing risky play by ruth beale and children at the new school

‘Drawing Risky Play’ Book Launch

Join us for a special book launch as part of Turf's current project, 'Squidgy World'.

Join us for a special book launch as part of Turf’s current project, ‘Squidgy World’.


The Book Launch of ‘Drawing Risky Play’ by Ruth Beale and children at The New School.

This book of children’s drawings illustrates a process of doing, exploring, thinking, and of tackling questions about play and risk. It includes interviews with the children, and with teachers and playworkers of two South London organisations at the forefront of progressive approaches to self-directed learning and play: The New School, a free-to-attend independent democratic school in the north of Croydon borough, and The Triangle, a 66-year-old adventure playground in Vauxhall.




Ruth Beale is a London-based artist who works collectively and collaboratively, exploring the way culture, governance and social discourse create society. Their practice includes socially-engaged processes, as well as drawing, performance, film and installations.

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( May 2023 )

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