a chemigraph print of a leaf

Chemigrams: Photographic Printing Workshop – Led by Heather Lawrence

Learn how to make Chemigrams with Heather Lawrence!

Learn how to make Chemigrams with Heather Lawrence. Pop down anytime from 12-4 on Saturday the 1st of April to make some some prints.

A chemigram (from “chemistry” and gramma, Greek for “things written”) is an experimental piece of art where an image is made by painting with chemicals on light-sensitive paper (such as photographic paper).

All materials provided!



Heather Lawrence is a self taught London based Photographer. Heather’s work aims to capture joyfulness and colour, through her abstract imagery, playful portraits and creative darkroom techniques.

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Resolve Collective, Ama Dodzro, Print Collective, Solo Wood Recycling, Fashion Meets Music, Heather Lawrence, Daisy Young, Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds and Rosie Crane Eckmire
( Jan 2023 )

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