Why is Croydon shaped the way it is today?

  Why is Croydon shaped the way it is today? Why are the public spaces where they are in the borough? Let’s explore the history of major changes in the landscape of central Croydon.  By understanding some of the issues of the past, we can understand a little more about how decisions are made around […]

A Light That Never Goes Out

a map of st geroges hill and surrounding areas

  There’s something I’d like to try   This is an experiment, a rabbit hole. Go with me.   In Customs in Common: Studies in Traditional Popular Culture (1993) British historian E.P. Thompson explores how land use and ownership was shaped by the evolving relationship between customs and law, influencing the development of English law […]

Tactile Boundaries

a hand wrapped with fabric strips of various colours, textures and sizes

The Hug a Hoodie bean bag sculptures featured in Turf Project’s Squidgy World exhibition lie unassumingly on the floor. Created by Yolanda Shields – also known as Milktooth – the sculptures reflect the negotiation of touch on multiple levels in the artist’s life. These sculptures navigate the boundaries between touch and art, and the boundaries […]

Devotional Work

Analysing the power structures of a monastery in a documentary edited at a post-house in Soho. At Belmont Abbey in Hereford, Father Alex creates a tempera with egg yolk to bind together the pigment in his latest icon, a gold leaf painting of Archangel Michael. Meanwhile, Brother Bernard shuffles past an unnamed monk polishing the […]

My DPS year

a photo of Julias prints for sale at turfs festivus shoppe

On relationships, personal experience of life and the things I didn’t know were part of my art practice.   Rather unexpectedly, I have thrown myself into a year of contemplation and of gaining experience in the ‘industry’ – all followed by the struggle to find placements. Although all of the above were a part of […]

Croydon Surrounds, Suburban Release

a photograph of allders shopfront windows

  As part of ‘Cultivate That’ I have been researching various strands of Croydon as an urban landscape, one that shaped me and one that I think has plenty to offer in illuminating wider concerns. Some of these concerns include the production of culture in post-war Britain, urban development and suburbia as outer-city, ways of […]