The Horse & Groom (Glamorgan/Grouse & Claret) [A case presented by Roger Wagner]

The Horse & Groom (Glamorgan/Grouse & Claret) 81 Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon [A case presented by Roger Wagner]   Butler Walsall’s Planning Application (2024) argues that this building has no community merit in terms of historic/heritage/social/cultural/economic associations. Well they would, wouldn’t they! As prospective developers of the site, they (non-Croydon residents) would prefer we saw […]

Playing Retrospectives

Written by Bori Hardi   Memories of playing. When I was a child, I played a lot with my sisters. I grew up in the countryside, so we played outside a lot. We always had access to the outdoors and that really shaped our playing. In my memories, playing was equal to making up stories […]

Ebun Sodipo (Artist Feedback Session)

I was given the opportunity to host by Turf to host a virtual feedback session. It wasn’t my first lockdown virtual crit, they have been invaluable to maintaining my practice through the pandemic.


British Museum Webinar: Hidden / Revealed I am Jessie Yates, a young artist born and raised in London. I am currently doing some voluntary work for Turf Projects in Croydon, focusing on accessibility, with the goal of assisting their workers with Turf’s services to the local community. On Friday 5th February the British Museum held a […]