Ebun Sodipo (Artist Feedback Session)

I was given the opportunity to host by Turf to host a virtual feedback session. It wasn’t my first lockdown virtual crit, they have been invaluable to maintaining my practice through the pandemic.


British Museum Webinar: Hidden / Revealed I am Jessie Yates, a young artist born and raised in London. I am currently doing some voluntary work for Turf Projects in Croydon, focusing on accessibility, with the goal of assisting their workers with Turf’s services to the local community. On Friday 5th February the British Museum held a […]

FROM ACROSS THE ZOOM (Artist Feedback Session)

some artists sit on a video call as one presents their illustration of a rocket in front of earth

Image caption: This image is of white text on a blue background (or whatever colours they are) and is read out by the artist in the audio piece on this page below. There is also a plain text version that can be accessed here. Turf Projects · Turf Feedback Session Blog Audio Description

FC IZAAC (Artist Feedback Session)

A group of artists on a video call, one showing their wire sculpture outside pointing to the sky

This was my first time hosting a virtual artist feedback session. I was joined by artists: Natasha MacVoy and Vanessa Nassar. Natasha MacVoy is an artist and curator, she spoke about HER MIT projects, a gallery she opened and curates within her home that hosts artists for intimate exhibitions. Her vision for HER MIT projects […]