Croydon born and raised. Sam Legg has been assisting with research at Turf since April 2021. You might occasionally find him sitting on a beanbag, counting people, to help us measure footfall. As the frontman for the anthropology funk-rock-world band ‘Academic People Watchers’, he’s evidently quite skilled at watching people for us. He has also been gathering the local community’s thoughts and ideas for a makerspace.

Sam is particularly keen on using the arts to engage new audiences with social science research, something key to his wider practice. This has included managing creative projects (music, short films, and live events) in collaboration with VJs, artists, actors and musicians. His related research has been shared at the RAI Youth Conference (2018) and MASSmcr’s Sound Waves Conference (2019).

Coming from a background in primary education, he is also keen to ensure education remains accessible for all and acts in the best interest of the community. He therefore uses his time, passion and skills to also help with campaigns against the current privisitation of the English state school system.