Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds

Turf Team: Facilities Lead

“These shallow and chameleon waters made this situation possible —— alongside other elements
the earth was different here too —— it supported the water —— rather than taking it within”

scheduled (ancient) monument, a text. 2021



I am an artist, researcher, educator and play worker based in South London.My practice is usually site based, unearthing site-specific stories through in depth research into the physical and social histories of place and being working in many forms from drawing to building, ceramics and image making. At the moment I am working on sensory garden planning and sculptural objects for a more diverse experience of sensory and kinetic play. I currently work with Company Drinks, The Brit School’s Community Arts Practice program, Triangle Adventure Playground.


As Facilities Lead I look after Turf’s studio spaces, buildings and hires.