I am a performance artist and sculptor and I also work with children in hospitals / galleries / community centres which I see as practice-based research for my studio work, and the other way round too.

The work is an investigation into embodiment, into how to connect to the body, using materials as an interface. I am neurodivergent, I have ADHD, and for me this means that I can find bodily, non-verbal language easier than the verbal. I also have experience of dissociation; so in my practice I am trying to connect back to my body, and through this, to others too.

My practice relates strongly to play theorists like Stuart Lester, Wendy Russell, phenomenologists such as Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Hans-Georg Gadamer, pedagogical theorists such as Paolo Freire, bell hooks. Joanna Grace’s work for individuals with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities and her book – Sensory Being for Sensory Beings – is a strong influence.

Katherine Smith @ Turf: