Jhinuk Sarkar

Turf Team: Access Lead and Codirector

At Turf:


My main role at Turf is Access Lead, providing advice and support for the Turf team to make all our programmes and facilities as accessible and inclusive as we can. You can visit our access page to find out what we offer. If you ever have any suggestions please contact me on jhinuk@turf-projects.com!

I’m one of the Co-Directors of Turf overseeing our project finances with Gemma Senior, our Finance Officer.


About me:
I am an Illustrator and Arts Educator, born in Leicester to Indian parents originating from Kolkata, India.

I studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Norwich School of Art & Design and have an MA in Communication Design, from Central St Martins. I continue my work in a freelance capacity as an Illustrator whilst working in various creative roles as a producer and workshop leader.

Working closely with disabled artists over the last ten years has led me to my current role at Turf.

My inspiration for producing images comes from an interest in relationships and this originates from the sense of belonging, my own cross-cultural upbringing and documenting cultural social differences in subtle ways. Recently I have become interested in portraying the sensory awareness we individualise in our work through Synaesthesia and using my experience of working with disabled artists and developing knowledge of Disability Arts feeds into this. Diversity and representation are the underpinning of ideas in a lot of my work, though I enjoy the challenge to illustrate complicated and sensitive subjects and equally illuminate the simplicity of a brief with a strong, but singular concept.

I have delivered workshops in a variety of settings including Turf Projects, House of Illustration, Francis Crick Institute, British Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts, National Gallery, Museum of London, Hackney Museum, Nuneaton Museum and the Cadbury Research Library in Birmingham.

I teach Illustration in Higher Education at a few London-based universities as an Associate Lecturer.

My illustrations have featured in newspapers and magazines, theatre and film sets, packaging, design and advertising platforms. You can see more of my work my website. Feel free to contact me on jhinuksarkar@gmail.com for any illustration.

Jhinuk Sarkar @ Turf: