Hannah Lee Miller is a prolific sketcher and creative, cartoonist, comic & zine maker, ceramic sculptor, occasional poet and animation producer.


She is a born and bred south Londoner and has lived and been actively involved in the voluntary community in South London for many years. She is currently one of a team of artists who hosts the Stanley Arts Life Drawing classes.

She often leads and co-hosts drawing get togethers and walks. She is keen to encourage and support people who wish to draw but are not very confident in their ability. Hannah believes strongly in the benefits of creativity for all people and hopes to share her enthusiasm for drawing the line. She has spent most of her life pursuing peace and connection through creativity.


She is an active creative and member of the small press scene, has just finished 10 week on the Royal Drawing School’s Drawing Intensive course whilst also studying on the Ceramics Portfolio at The City Lit. She is hoping to stretch and frame her creative practice to better understand where she would like to take her work next.