Through filmmaking, performance and costume design Eleanor creates surreal political comedy about power, authority and societal conventions. While not exclusively about gender, the works often wrestle with the contradictions and impossibilities of being a woman today. To make space for nuances and contradictions there’s a duality in her films – they can feel both private and public, real and unreal, emotional and cold, funny and sad. Characters can be both victim and perpetrator, at fault and blameless. And while characters can appear childish their actions often evoke the uncomfortably familiar struggles of adulthood. Characters’ costumes are elaborate mash-ups of societal signifiers with an identifiably DIY aesthetic to expose the visual construction of both gender and power. Eleanor is drawn to using characters from nature to play on the power inherent in our dominant relationship with the natural world, and to explore how telling a human story with non-human creatures might subvert how audiences represent themselves in what they see.