Alix grew up in Dorset and now lives in London. Her work looks at rebellious consumptive acts and care practices using sculpture, animations, writing, and quiet performances to explore bodily change, fact and fiction, bad jokes and processes that eat, churn and swallow whole. Dirt loops in pipes and is sucked endlessly through vacuum tubes, dualities between luck and sorrow and work and torpor dissipate, and mappings of dramas and truths seem to maybe connect or maybe not. Living with sickness, disability and trauma, she has developed a practice of ways to give and take where her work is driven by trying to look through multiple meanings and altruistic perspectives.


She has studied BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and was previously a participant in the Conditions studio programme. She has also worked across community arts projects for b-side, V.A.S.W., and London Design Festival and has had work exhibited at Tate St Ives, The NewBridge Project and the Whitgift Shopping Centre.