Access: For exhibitions / workshops / events

At Turf we set up the following to accompany our exhibitions, workshops and events:


All our programme of events are at no cost.

Materials archive

We have kept a range of handling samples of artists’ exhibition content which anyone visiting can access. Please ask a member of the team about this when you visit.

Adjustable sensory settings

We can offer an exhibition’s lighting or sound with adjustments. This can be accessed with advance request. We will also advertise dedicated times we will provide this in future. Contact us to plan your visit and book this type of request.

Audio description of exhibitions 

We make audio descriptions of exhibitions available via our website with transcripts and on our Mixcloud and SoundCloud channels.

Captions and subtitles

Provided on any exhibition/workshop/event content with film.

Alternative formats / Large print / easy-read / high-contrast exhibition guides and activities

These are available in the gallery and in digital formats on our website. For any other formats not mentioned please contact us to make your request.

Individual tours

Audio described // Sign language interpreted tours are available on request with advance notice.

Dietary requirements 

Where our events have refreshments, we will consider a range of dietary requirements and provide information about what they contain.

Step-free access

There is step-free access to Turf’s gallery, project & workspace (at Whitgift Centre), and at little Turf (based at Keeley Road) containing some of our studios & desk spaces.

Audio Guides for walking tour

For future projects with Fungus Press (our off-site public realm artist residency), we aim to provide an audio guide with information about the artworks, to allow anyone to go on a self-guided walking tour of all the Fungus Press sites.